our secret sauce for happier teams

1 part crazy fresh food & drinks. 1 part refreshingly simple service. Mix well and be awesome.

Fresh Thinking.

BlueStar Refreshment Services has been keeping companies absolutely giddy & gastronomically gratified for more than a decade. With over 150 clients across the US and Canada, we continually seek new ways to reinvent the perfect corporate kitchen.

BlueStar provides unparalleled service across North America, creating a seamless program for our clients whether they have offices in DC, Toronto, Seattle, or Denver. We will support your business no matter where your people sit.

Chief Refreshment Officers

Ken Fey
president + founder

Prior to launching BlueStar Refreshment Services in 2003, Ken choked down untold stale snacks and mugs of bitter coffee during a 15+ year sales and management career in the tech industry. Today Ken parlays this understanding of corporate cultures and the need for fresher sustenance, managing the overall growth and strategy of BlueStar throughout the US and Canada.

Charlie Liao
Director of Purchasing

Charlie joined Bluestar after five and half years as a strategic procurement specialist with Bon Appetit at Google, overseeing hundreds of suppliers who were critical to the success of the Google Food Program. He helped guide product selection through Google’s Micro Kitchen Fairs and played a key role in shaping Google’s snack and beverage portfolio.

Dion Santo
Executive Vice President of Operations

Dion joined us after 6 years as a Googler managing their global MicroKitchen program, creating engaging spaces and building community. He drove program innovation through a design-based approach, a process he learned while working closely with IDEO. Dion possesses an engineering degree from Duke, 8 years of experience at E&J Gallo winery, and 3 years at Procter & Gamble.


Comfort Food: Giving Back to the Community.

Realizing the oh-so critical link between local businesses and their communities, BlueStar gives our time, support and resources to those in need. We even offer programs for our customers to get involved and make a difference.

Green: It’s Always on Our Plate.

A certified “Green Business” in Silicon Valley, we make sustainable choices that not only traverse our daily operations, but also extend to our customers – from obsessive recycling efforts to delivering supplies in our low-emissions vehicles to our on-going association with green thinking organizations such as Cool California. BlueStar has been widely recognized for our outstanding green efforts.

“Second Harvest Food Bank deeply appreciates the time and hard work BlueStar has given to help feed people in need in our community.”